Shop goes Live!

Well at last….the shop is open for business! it’s taken a lot of work, a big learning curve and many hours in front of the computor but worth it. I hope you agree!
A big thanks to our tech guy Neil Berry (Pixelpath)for his patience and know how.

What we like most, apart from all the great products, which we’ll come to in a bit, is the “Create a wishlist” function.


Unwanted gifts can now be a thing of the past. By using our Wishlist service you can ensure you get exactly what you want at the same time as making shopping for a gift easier for your friends and family!


Create your wishlist. As soon as you create an account with Angels n Divas you’ll be able to start your own wishlist. to add items, browse our shop and when you find the item you want click the “add to wishlist” button. Once you have finished adding items to your list click on wishlist just above the Blue Category bar. Once you have logged in you will have the options to share or print your wishlist.


When you click on the “share list” tab you will be able to create an email to send to your friends and family. Fill in your name, the recpients name and email address and your message then hit Send list and hey presto! your friends & family have your wish list.

You can also print your list and give out to people, perhaps with the invites to your party!

If you are on FACEBOOK or TWITTER you can share your wish list items with your friends by clicking the respective icon to the right of the product detail then choose the thumbnail image you want to share, write a message and click Share.

Until next time

Happy Pampering x